design as art

formNINE is a very small studio with one lead designer.  Gaelan Rommes is an artist in a myriad of mediums, and directs each project as an art piece itself.  Well versed in digital media, he contributes his experience and aesthetics to every job we take on.  Gaelan is available for commission as an artist as well, and you may do so through his personal website at :[highlight][/highlight].

Says Gaelan:


I consider myself a designer and problem solver. I believe that the creativity, efficiency, and technical knowledge demanded by design today require one to be flexible and able to adapt to any environment that is needed. To this end I am a collector of technology, techniques, ideas, and devices, and love learning new things.

I am completely addicted to coffee, and relentlessly pursue a design to completion. I have a talent of always having too much to do, but managing to get it done and be hungry for more!

I’m always excited about new projects and new people — I hope we can work together!